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Travel Agency in Haridwar Uttarakhand

Introducing Best Travel Agency in Haridwar Uttarakhand

Sitaaram Travels is one of the best tour and travels agency in Haridwar ,Uttarakhand which is located near shantikunj panchkula Haridwar Rishikesh Road Uttarakhand. It is approved and certified travel agency near haridwar where you can visit for bookings of Chardham yatra packages and hired car rentals or taxi services for Outstations and One way .

Sitaaram Travels is not only leading travels agency in Haridwar Uttarakhand, It also a Best Chardham tour operators agency in Haridwar, We offer broad range of travel services which includes Holiday tour packages, Chardham yatra package, Kedarnath yatra package, car rentals, Hotels reservations and air ticketing etc.

Why Choose best travel agency in Haridwar Uttarakhand

Our company has grown into one of the most popular tourism and travel companies in Haridwar Uttarakhand and has become a trusted travel partner in the country for thousands of clients with perfectionist industry experience. We have a passion for Uttarakhand tours and Haridwar Rishikesh tours. Specializing in this specific region for over a decade, we have a solid track record in the most Relgious city in the state. We love Haridwar's history, rich culture and heritage, and iconic luxury hotels. However, we also love to dig deeper into our destination and help our guests get off the beaten path and discover some of the truly hidden gems of Haridwar. Sitaaram Travels is more than just travel agencies in Haridwar and travel & travel agency, tour operator.

We take the time to discover your individual needs, tastes and wishes in order to create a unique vacation for you. Our highly trained team has unparalleled knowledge of destinations and global contacts to meet any need. Browse our wide range of Uttarakhand and Chardham travel packages and take your pick. We are also known for the best travel agency in Haridwar and are among the most reputable travel agents in Haridwar.

Best Chardham Tour operators in Uttarakhand

Looking for the best Uttarakhand tour operator in India? You have come to the right place here, Sitaaram Travels is known as the best tour operator in Uttarakhand. We are the leading travel agency in Uttarakhand and provide the best tour packages to our valued customers. Sitaaram Travels is pleased to introduce itself as the best tour operator in Uttarakhand and arrange the best deals, low budget tours. Sitaaram Travels combines a complete package with hotel booking, train and air ticket booking, pick up and drop off service and helicopter booking.

Sitaaram Travels is one of the best Chardham tour operators in Haridwar Uttarakhand and the best trip planner with more years of experience in the travel industry to make your trip memorable and enjoyable. You can leave with precious memories after your trip.

Find your registered tour operator in Uttarakhand and most trusted tour operator in Uttarakhand like Sitaaram Travels in Haridwar. We have all the facilities like hotels, cars, helicopters, resorts and taxi and car rental for our valued customers. We offer quality tourism and travel services with the best value for money for our customers.So choose us as the best char dham tour operator in Uttarakhand for better tour experience. You can choose us as Top Ten Travel Agent in Uttarakhand, Chardham Tour Operator in Haridwar,Uttarakhand India, Travel Agency in Haridwar, Best Travel Agency in Haridwar Uttarakhand and Renowned Tour Operator in Uttarakhand.

Places to visit in Haridwar Uttarakhand


Har Ki Pauri is a famous ghat on the banks of the Ganges in Haridwar in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. This revered place is the major landmark of the holy city of Haridwar. Literally, "Har" means "God", "Ki" means " 's " and "Pauri" means "steps". Lord Vishnu is believed to have visited the Brahmakund in Har Ki Pauri in the Vedic times


Mansa Devi Temple, Haridwar (Hindi: मंसा देवी मंदिर, हरिद्वार) is a Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi in the holy city of Haridwar in the Uttarakhand state of India. The temple is located atop the Bilwa Parvaton the Sivalik Hills, the southernmost mountain chain of the Himalayas. The temple, also known as Bilwa Tirth is one of the Panch Tirth (Five Pilgrimages) within Haridwar.


Daksheswar Mahadev (Hindi: दक्षेश्‍वर महादेव मन्दिर) or Daksha Mahadev temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in the town of Kankhal, about 4 km from Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India. It is named after King Daksha Prajapati, the father of Sati. Daksha is one of the fourteen Prajapatis, creator deities, who preside over procreation and are the protector of life in Hindu mythology

Uttarakhand Tour Packages with Most Reliable Travel agency in Uttarakhand

Sitaaram Travels is well known for peaceful and committed travel agency for Uttarakhand Tour Packages. We at Sitaaram Travels a Best travel agency in Uttarakhand, makes each and every vacation a memorable experience.

    • All packages and activities are carefully picked by us.
    • Best price guaranteed & Hassle free!
    • We are an award winning agency
    • Trusted by more than 4,000 customers

FAQ - Travel agency in Haridwar uttarakhand

What is the best Travel agency in Uttarakhand?

Ans:-There are many popular travel agency in Uttarakhand but there are only few company are which is certified and approved travel agency in Uttarakhand . 1 Sitaaram Travels 2. Arora Holidays, 3. Discover-uttarakhand, Kishore Travels etc.

Where is located Sitaaram Travels ?

Ans:-Sitaaram Travels is located at panchkulla bhawan near shantikunj Haridwar Rishikesh Road Uttarakhand.

Does Sitaaram travels deals with Chardham yatra packages?

Ans:-Yes, Sitaaram Travels is one of the leading travel agency in Haridwar deals with Holiday tours packages, Chardham yatra package, do dham yatra packages, apart of this, it deals with car rentals services, Hotels Bookings in kedarnath and badrinath and all over Uttarakhand.

Is Sitaaram Travels tourism approved travel agency of Uttarakhand ?

Ans:-Yes, Sitaaram Travels is approved and certified from Uttarakhand tourism . It is approved best travel agency in Haridwar Uttarakhand.